Links and resources

For more information about music in Birmingham, and the two organisations promoting the Birmingham Mahler Cycle:

Town Hall and Symphony Hall, Birmingham

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

For more information on Gustav Mahler and his music online:

The Mahler Society (UK)

The International Gustav Mahler Society

The Mahler Archives

Alma Mahler

Further reading:

Why Mahler, by Norman Lebrecht (Faber & Faber)

For more about the other orchestras and organisations participating in the Birmingham Mahler Cycle:

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

Birmingham Jazz

CBSO Youth Orchestra

London Symphony Orchestra

London Philharmonic Orchestra

Orchestra of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia


5 Responses to Links and resources

  1. Mike and Anne Fardon says:

    We organised a group visit to the inspirational Mahler 8th concert on 18 September. We hope to go to more in the cycle.

    One request, however. None of us was able to buy a programme at the concert – they had apparently run out, and we had got there in good time. So we were unable to find out who the soloists were, where the choirs had come from, details of the symphony, what the words were, and so on. All very frustrating. If by any chance there are any available, we would love to know these details. Our address is ‘Gwernant’, Broadheath Common, Lower Broadheath, Worcester WR2 6RP. Many thanks!

  2. kenneth G. Hill says:

    It was late 1950 to early 1960, my first introduction to Mahlers music. with the 4th and since then its’ been a growing love affair with the Symphonies. My responses go through all of the emotions but the domienant one is joy. Since years ago I gave recitals on CD of all of the 10 Symphonies, plus Das Reid vonder Erde, to a local recorded music society group and secured a number of Mahler converts. The No.8 with Andris Nelsons on 16th September was magnificent and I eargely await the remainder of the Mahler Cycle.

  3. Tim Walton says:

    My Mahler – Tim Walton

    I first fell in love with Gustav Mahler’s music at a teenager way back in 1967 when I attended Town Hall to hear a performace of the 9th Symphony by the CBSO under Hugo Rignold.

    Little did I know then what I had started!

    Although, for most of the late 70’s & early 80’s I was either living in South Wales or London, I still managed to hear about 25 performances of the various symphonies back home in Birmingham at the Town Hall.

    This number though, pales into insignificance, when last week, I attended my 100th performance of a Mahler Symphony in Symphony Hall!

    I have the full scores of all the symphonies & have many autographs in them, of some of the Great Mahler Conductors that I have heard over the last 40 odd years.

    I have tickets for all the remaining performances in Symphony Hall & it is difficult to believe that this is the first complete cycle of this amazing music to have been performed in Birmingham.

    It is music that gets to the very depths of one’s soul. It can be exhilerating one minute & bring you to tears the next. I can’t think of one other Composer who’s works can do that.

    Thankyou Mahler, thankyou CBSO & all the other orchestras I have heard play this glorious music.

  4. Tim Walton says:

    I have just posted a My Mahler comment

    For some reason it has been published under links & resources – along with 2 other peoples comments

    Could they move moved to the correct place on the home page where they are supposed to be!!


    • mymahler says:

      Thanks for the feedback – there’s a new page on the site, called ‘Your Mahler’ to make it easier to to add your own contributions. I can’t move the posts that are already here, but I’ll put a few quotes from these great comments on there to get things started.
      Anna (CBSO)

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