Postcards from live Mahler concerts at Symphony Hall

Completed My Mahler cards

Completed My Mahler cards

“Words cannot do it justice.”

“My heart was in my mouth most of the evening – feel so uplifted and heavenly! Thank you”

“A feeling in your heart and a tingle down your spine.”

“Mahler’s 3rd – I’d never heard it before, but I wondered afterwards where it had been all my life. Magnificent & breathtaking.”

“Fantastic life enhancing experience.”

“Been waiting years to hear this live, and so pleased it was here in Birmingham. Well done everyone.”

“Mahlers 5th Symphony. Wondrous … Emotionally exhausting – moved me to tears – Andris is mesmerising!”

“Fantastic evening, well done.”


About mymahler

Over 2010/11, the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and the Birmingham International Concert Season are presenting Birmingham's first ever Mahler cycle, marking the 100th anniversary of Mahler's death and 150 years since his birth. The Birmingham Mahler Cycle features great orchestras and great conductors - and of course, some of the most incredible music ever written.
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